About Richard Rossiter

Richard Rossiter served in the celebrated Green Berets from 1966 to 1969. He received his MFA in 1977 from Western Washington University. He became a personal trainer and Pilates instructor in 1985 and is owner of Pilates of Boulder, a Pilates studio offering a full program of instruction and certification.

He has climbed since 1964 and currently has nine books in print (see Falcon Publishing). His climbing guides were first published in 1981, and have elevated the topographic guidebook to an art form, setting the standard for information, ease of use, and beauty. He is also a prolific developer of new routes, both traditional and sport, throughout the Boulder area and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Richard lives in Boulder and is devoted to climbing, running, road bikes, motorcycles, fitness, and longevity. He is currently writing a novel, and still occasionally plays with his old band, The Regents, "often heralded as the best 60's band in the Puget Sound area of Washington that never cut a record."

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