The Second Tier is somewhat complicated and conisists of several distinct aspects. The Tarot wall faces the road (northwest) and rises directly above the First Ledge. The Three Dihedrals are up and around to the right. The Three Walls are farther right and consist of the Clipboard, the Freefall area, and the Wall of the Dead.

Tarot Wall.
The northwest face of the Second Tier rises abruptly above a wide, grassy ledge and offers several interesting routes.

Ah Ya Punter 11b/c
FA: Don DeBlieux and Paul Lembeck, 1993. This route ascends a large dihedral system at the northeast corner of the Second Tier. Climb up into a left-facing dihedral and through a difficult slot (crux), then move left and follow cracks to a ledge with a tree.

Earth Angel 12d *
FA: Bob Horan belayed by Pat Horan, 1996. Begin just right of the preceding route, at the far left side of the Tarot Wall. Climb a steep wall past 3 bolts, pull over a big roof, then climb just right of an arete. 9 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 80 feet. Some mid-range gear is useful near the top.

The Devil 11d *
FA: Richard Rossiter and Jessica True, 2001 Known as Pan in pagan times; later, Christianityıs scapegoat. Climb the vertical wall 40 feet right of Earth Angel. 8 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 70 feet.

Uncertain Endeavor 10d
FA: R. Rossiter TR Begin as for Lust, then follow a crack up and left to a sloping shelf with a 2-bolt anchor. 85 feet. A right branch in the crack leads back to Lust and is the superior venue. Needs major cleaning either way.

Lust 10d *
FA: R. Rossiter and Bonnie Von Grebe, 2001. This excellent route goes up along the left side of a slot and finishes with a steep groove. 12 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 90 feet.

The Fool 10d *
FA: R. Rossiter and Christine Damiano, 2001. Climb the roof and arete left of The Tower. 6 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 60 feet.

The Tower 10a *
FA: Richard Rossiter, Serena Benson, Erik Volk, Chris Berg, 2001. An interesting wall leads to a roof that leads to a dihedral that leads to the top of a spire. 12 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 100 feet.

Big Roof Right 11?
A route may follow a wide crack through the right side of the big roof. Two or three old pitons below the roof are the only clues.

Wheel of Fortune 10a *
FA: R. Rossiter and Christine Damiano, 2001. Begin 15 feet right of The Tower beneath a blocky, left-facing dihedral. 7 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 60 feet.

New The Horse 11b *
FA: R. Rossiter and Pebby Johns, 2005. This route is the Knight of Cups. The Knight holds the Grail in outreaching arms and rides great white horse above cresting waves in an endless sea. Begin 8 feet right from the Wheel of Fortune. Pull up to a lone bolt and place gear in excellent cracks to a 2-bolt anchor, 60 feet.

The Hanged Man 11a *
R. Rossiter and Jessica True, 2001. Crank the roof 12 feet right of Wheel of Fortune. 4 bolts to a 2-bolt anchor, 50 feet.

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